An Abhainn Álainn

World Water Walk 2021

For the week starting with World Water Day, the 22nd to 29th March, enjoy a Water Ways Walk along your local river or waterway and support action to protect and restore our national and global water eco-systems.

World Water Day, a United Nations awareness day held on 22nd March every year since 1993, celebrates what water means to us and aims to raise awareness of the 785 million people living without access to safe drinking water. We invite you to walk along a stretch by your local river or waterway and take the opportunity to reflect upon the women and children who walk an average of six kilometres everyday to access clean water.  

We have mapped a few to use along with our Zine, a mini-magazine we have created with creative learning activities to follow or adapt to your own Water Ways Walk. And there are more ideas and in-depth articles to engage with on this website. You can use the hashtag #AnAbhainnAlainn to share your #WorldWaterDay walk.

Which of these Challenges will you explore first?

Remember you can come back at any time and start a WaterWays Challenge – Enjoy!

The An Abhainn Álainn Project is a project of Creativity & Change and the Crawford College of Art and Design.

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